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Triq is-Santwarju, Zabbar

The Triq is-Santwarju project consists of the renovation of an open square with various forms of green and blue landscaping. The square, which has been used mainly as a car park over the years, has not changed its use. The proposal allows the open space to still be used during celebrations, improves access for all between the two levels of Triq is-Santwarju and Triq ic-Cawsli, encourages outdoor activities and includes street furniture.

The introduction of green elements such as trees and vertical gardens, along with fountains, overlooking the square improve everyday life in the neighbourhood, contribute to a reduction in the temperature of the surrounding environment and promotes a better perception of the surroundings with positive effects, creating areas of refreshment and helping to develop biodiversity in highly urbanised areas.

Green Wall & Square Renovation

Triq is-Santwarju Zabbar, MT


Plants: 16 Big trees
Plants: 180 Large Shrubs
Green Wall Area : 32 m²
Plants Green wall: 1100