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Mosta Park Concept

The Mosta Park project aimed to seamlessly integrate urban development with a natural environment, while avoiding the creation of rigid boundaries. This was achieved through the implementation of timber slat railings, which provided a graceful transition between the street and the garden while ensuring user safety. The pathways thoughtfully respected the existing flora and traditional rubble walls found on the site.

As one navigates the meandering paths, they are led into a captivating setting adorned with informal timber play equipment that mimics the atmosphere of a woodland forest. These play elements not only offer a secure space for children to engage in recreational activities but also contribute to the overall enchanting ambiance of the garden.

At the heart of the space, a central gathering area was strategically placed to foster a sense of community. Additionally, the windmill facade served a dual purpose, providing both a heritage aesthetic value and transforming into an open-air cinema at night. The rear facade became a canvas for projecting cinematic films, creating a unique and immersive experience for visitors.

Through its skillful design and thoughtful integration of various elements, the Mosta Park project successfully achieved its goal of harmonizing urban development with a natural landscape, while also catering to the needs of the community and offering a visually striking and functional space for all to enjoy.

The conservation of the natural green environments maintained the biodiversity in a dense urban landscape and preserved the pollination. This was achieved through the safeguard and the planting of new endemic and native Mediterranean species. To favour the local biodiversity and to encourage the green infrastructure all the existing trees were retained in the proposed intervention, together with the integration of further landscaping.