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Triq Pace Biccieni, Zabbar

The Triq Biccieni and Triq Santa Duminka projects aimed to upgrade existing parking areas by transforming them into urban green areas, introducing green roofs on existing parking areas that provide shade, improve air quality, stormwater management, encourage biodiversity and provide a pleasant atmosphere.

The projects present several unique and creative features, such as the interaction of soft and urban landscape. The projects aim to connect the sites by creating a green infrastructure with a strategic environmental use for the neighbourhood and to make a social contribution.

Moreover, it has been proven by many studies globally that the inclusion of vegetation in a highly urbanised context produces benefits for the environment and those who live there. It contributes, among other things, to significantly reducing the temperature of the surrounding environment, minimising the effects of CO2, cleaning the air we breathe from fine particles and improving the quality of life.

Triq Pace Biccieni Zabbar, MT


Area: 130 m²

Plants: 1350


CO2 absorbed/year:
299 kg


O2 produced/year:
221 kg


22 high-trunk trees